The Experience to Give Your Teeth Back

Single Dental Implants to Same-day Fixed Teeth

The Experience to Give Your Teeth Back

Single Dental Implants to Same-day Fixed Teeth

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Dental Implants Andover

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Quality Dental Implants in Hampshire

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Our assessment is for 1 hour, in-clinic, includes X-rays and carried out by our dental implantologist

We are so confident about the quality of our work that we always guarantee our implant procedures.

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Stress Free

A relaxing environment and are committed to providing you with a stress-free and happier experience.

"All staff are caring and delightful. The dentist that dealt with my care was exceptionally good. She took time to discuss treatment with me and put me completely at ease. We joined the Andover Smile Centre practice on a friend’s recommendation and are so very pleased we did"."Excellent treatment from very caring staff. A big thank you."

Isobel Randall

"What can I say ! Outstanding,welcoming,caring,patient, warm,friendly that’s exactly what I can say about ASC. I hadn’t visited a dentist for 25 years until I plucked up the courage and made an appointment with Aarti. She has given me a new smile and the confidence to continue with regular checkups. Thank you so very much Aarti and all the staff for giving me the confidence to smile again."

Jane Andrews

"Andover Smile Centre is the dental practice what I can recommend for everyone.  Aarti made a great job with my fiancee's teeth. She had dreamed about a perfect smile on our wedding day and after 10 month treatment with Damon braces she has got beautiful smile.  Always warm welcome and really friendly staff."

Robert Dezso

"I would like to thank Aarti for all the work she has done on my Braces, it had been tough but we have got through.With excellent care. Very flexible about arranging appointments for me after school so I didn't miss out on my education. I would definitely recommend anyone to Aarti as she is a brilliant Orthodontist. She is always there to help when you have problems."

James Jenkins

Benefits of Dental Implants and Same Day Teeth

implants before after Andover

Benefits of dental implants and Same Day Teeth

implants before after Andover

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The Latest Missing Teeth Solutions in Andover, Hampshire

Single & Multiple | Dental Implants

 From  £2,000   

We don't just fill in gaps!

In addition to the obvious replacement of missing teeth, implants help to preserve your facial structure, preventing bone deterioration and muscle sagging which occurs when teeth are missing.

Implants provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function just like your own natural teeth.

Dental Implants Hampshire
Teeth in a Day Andover

Same Day Teeth | All-on-4 Implants

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Teeth in day / Same day implants are the closest solution to natural teeth and the perfect alternative to dentures.

Same day teeth are more than a 'smile makeover' - they restore your ability to bite, chew and eat the food that you really want to and of course it's the ultimate confidence booster. 

We carry out this procedure in a single day, using 4-6 implants and a temporary bridge, which is then replaced with your bespoke final bridge

  The Ultimate Restoration of Your Smile and Confidence

Fixed Dentures | Mini Implants

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A great alternative we offer is the ability to stabilise dentures using mini dental implants.
all-on-4 implants Andover

The Latest Missing Teeth Solutions by UK's Leading Implant Dentists

Fixed Teeth in a Day

When All or Most Teeth are Missing

Teeth in a Day Andover

From £200

Teeth in day (same-day) dental implants are the closest solution to natural teeth and the perfect denture alterantive.

Teeth are securely fixed and will not slip and slide. You can eat and chew with great confidence. Oh, and you will look just amazing!

Dental Implants

For Single or Multiple Teeth​

Dental Implants Hampshire

from £500

Teeth Implants are the best way to replace missing teeth or fix dentures in place. If you have any number of missing teeth you should consider the exciting possibility of dental implants at our clinic in Hampshire.

Mini Implants

For Loose Dentures

all-on-4 implants Andover

from £500

Loose dentures can be stabilised by using mini dental implants. Mini implants are not only for improving your comfort and chewing ability, but also cheaper than conventional implant options.

Need Missing Teeth Advice?

Dental Implants Advice Andover

Need Missing Teeth Advice?

  • I have a complex case – can you help?
  • I have dental phobia can you help?
  • I’m not sure which implant option is best for me.
  • Can I afford implants?

No pressure – just get the guidance that you are looking for.

Hampshire's Centre of Excellence for Dental Implants

Simple to Advanced Techniques

Dr Amir Malek (DDS ,Karolinska institute ,Sweden
GDC No.: 71700) is experienced in advanced treatment options such as bone grafting, sinus grafting and full mouth reconstructions.

Initial assessment

We will take detailed photographs and teeth impressions so that we can discuss your options

Natural Appearance

Our experienced dentist will give your natural smile back with dental implants and aesthetic crowns.

We will work within your budget

We offer payment options to spread the cost of treatment.

Loose denture solutions

We offer mini implants to stabilise loose dentures and increase your comfort.

Comprehensive treatment plan

You will receive our comprehensive guide to “Everything You Need to Know about Braces”

Extensive patient images

We are more than happy to show our portfolio of “before and after” photos and particular of those that relate to your teeth-condition.

Here for you

We’re here for you. We are proud to offer an incredible patient experience.

Wifi - a must have!

Free Wifi is available so you can continue working or surfing the Internet at your leisure.

SMS reminders

Before every appointment you will receive a friendly SMS


Whilst you are waiting you are welcome to enjoy a complimentary cup of Coffee.

Free parking

Free car parking is provided for all patients.

Get your dream smile makeover with 0% finance

It only takes 2 minutes to apply and you’ll get an answer straight away. Applying for a loan has never been easier.

  • Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry through to dental implants
  • 12 month 0% Finance
  • 18-60 months at 9.9% APR

Eat - Chew - Smile

The only thing missing
will be​ your holiday ticket

Dental Implants Andover

Eat - Chew - Smile

The only thing missing will be your holiday ticket…

Our Team Are Always on Hand

We believe that your dental experience should be a comfortable and relaxing one.

It is our mission to eradicate any anxieties that you may have about visiting the dentist.

We have gone the extra mile to ensure that we have created a relaxing calm environment for you to enjoy

Dr Aarti Jain (DS Chaudhary Charan Singh India)
GDC no.: 102526

Dr Amir Malek (DDS,Karolinska institute ,Sweden
GDC No.: 71700

Award Finalist

Best Patient Care South and Best Removable Orthodontics Case Finalist

Choice of Treatment Options

We always ensure you get the treatment that's best for you

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